REPLAY Race Bridge: Is there a shortage of Diverse Talent?

Thursday, October 7, 2021
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CST

CEOs nationally (and closer to home) are reportedly prioritizing the hiring of diverse talent into leadership roles to bring more equity and inclusion into their hiring practices. Some say progress is slow because there is a shortage of people of color with the skills to fill the mid- to high-level position openings that typically lack hiring diversity. 

Meanwhile, many high-potential, highly-skilled professionals of color report feeling overlooked and excluded from consideration for positions matched to their qualifications. The disconnect, they say, is that employers don’t have the networks or lack the commitment to do what it takes to recruit and retain talent of color.

Join us for this Race Bridge discussion where we will explore the question, “Pipeline or priority: Is there a shortage of diverse talent?” We’ll discuss the issue with a panel of professionals who will share:

  • Statistics, surveys, and experiential data that will help unpack the issue
  • Existing and potential programs that can help bridge the gap between goals and actual hiring
  • The challenges and solutions to retaining talent of color in companies and communities
  • What Milwaukee can do the strengthen the diversity of the talent pipeline

You don’t want to miss this discussion. This is a platform designed to explore issues related to race and equity and everyone (and their perspective) is welcome. See you there!

Race Bridge offers monthly, 60-minute conversations intended to help Milwaukeeans better understand the nuances of race and racism – while feeling empowered to speak openly them. The goal is also to equip program participants with the language and tools to identify racial inequity and challenge it in a productive way.

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