Upcoming Race Bridge: How Media Influences Ideas About Race

The media we consume plays a huge role in how we view the world around us. Television, radio, publications and online content are a direct line to our thoughts and minds. So, how do depictions of race in the media influence us as content consumers?

Surely, media isn’t the only influence shaping the way you think about race, but:

– What role has media played in your life?

– What responsibility (or capacity) does the media have to share information and entertainment that is 100% free from racial bias?

– Is it the role of media to drive anti-racism or is it all on consumers to filter information based on their own value systems?

Join us for a Race Bridge discussion that will explore the ways that media influences people’s ideas about race, racism, inclusion and equity. We’ll look at the history of race and media, how bias can show up in storytelling, what happens when it does, and what industry insiders are doing about it.


Tarik Moody
Program Director & Content Producer
88.9 Radio Milwaukee
Carolynn Buser
Chief Content Officer
Pauleen Le
Morning News Anchor
Shaun Gallagher
Investigative Reporter
TMJ4 News
Damia Causey
Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service

Race Bridge offers monthly, 60-minute conversations intended to help Milwaukeeans better understand the nuances of race and racism – while feeling empowered to speak openly them. The goal is also to equip program participants with the language and tools to identify racial inequity and challenge it in a productive way.

Missed a Race Bridge conversation? Don’t worry, you can check out the recordings on FUEL’s Youtube channel, here.>>

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