Mission & Vision

FUEL Milwaukee is a community engagement organization for young professionals, new Milwaukeeans, and regional leaders who are passionate about creating a vibrant, inclusive community that is magnetic to talent.

We are a network of over 40,000 regional professionals, 60 employer partners and 7,000 registered members who believe that Milwaukee is a distinct place with contemporary workplaces and diverse community engagement opportunities.


FUEL Milwaukee’s mission is to attract and retain top talent to the Milwaukee Region by promoting community engagement, positive regional images, and contemporary workplaces practices.


Milwaukee is a vibrant, inclusive community where professionals of all ages love to live, work and participate in the region’s development.

5-Point Engagement Handprint

FUEL develops programming and events around these 5 key areas, referred to as our engagement handprint:

  • VIP-Access to Highly Intriguing Regional Assets
  • Leadership & Professional Development
  • Volunteerism
  • Networking & Socializing
  • Civic Engagement & Community Building

FUEL hosts 3 to 4 events each month, offering a cadre of opportunities for people to link in to their passions, connect with like-minded peers and take a leadership role in Milwaukee’s growth.