Race Bridge: Culture, Creativity & Connection

Every culture is rich with creativity and innovation. And our worlds are increasingly blending and influencing to create a fusion of perspectives and a diversity of expression.  Join us for this month’s Race Bridge program which will highlight the impact of culture on our creative expressions.

This presentation will highlight some history and examples of the way that culture impacts art, music, dance, literature, food and beauty – and how we continue to influence each other’s way of seeing the world.

This 60-minute program will expose you to:

  • Ways that African American, Asian, European, Hispanic (and more) expressions have supported and influenced each other
  • The value of distinct cultural expression and the overall positive impact on society
  • How Milwaukee creatives tap into their own cultures and are inspired by those of others to express themselves

This is a celebration of how culture inspires and is inspired. Join us for an uplifting program that will nudge you to keep tapping into your own cultural creativity – encouraging the same from those around you in life and work.


Race Bridge offers monthly, 60-minute conversations intended to help Milwaukeeans better understand the nuances of race and racism – while feeling empowered to speak openly them. The goal is also to equip program participants with the language and tools to identify racial inequity and challenge it in a productive way.

Missed a Race Bridge conversation? Don’t worry, you can check out the recordings on FUEL’s Youtube channel, here.>>

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