Race Bridge: Closing the College Acheivement Gap

Everyday thousands of college students are preparing to take their place in the talent pipeline.  They’re the 20-somethings who will bring into our workplaces the latest in technology, the cutting edge practices, and fresh-eye perspective that helps keep companies at the top.  But what’s at risk is the diversity of our talent pipeline – and the problem is the often-misunderstood achievement gaps leaving students of color behind. Did you know that only 8% of Milwaukee students will earn a high school diploma and a college degree?

We’re going to dig into some of the barriers blocking talented students from college graduation.  And we’re highlighting one of the organizations dedicated to making sure that students of color cross the finish line. All In Milwaukee is an organization that specializes in supporting first-generation college students – 93% of their students graduate college.

What is All In Milwaukee doing to help close the achievement gap?  And what can each of us learn about the challenges young people of color may be facing when trying to excel and join our talent pools?  Join us and find out how you and your employer can help more students become thriving young professionals and diversify our talent pools.


Race Bridge offers monthly, 60-minute conversations intended to help Milwaukeeans better understand the nuances of race and racism – while feeling empowered to speak openly them. The goal is also to equip program participants with the language and tools to identify racial inequity and challenge it in a productive way.

Missed a Race Bridge conversation? Don’t worry, you can check out the recordings on FUEL’s Youtube channel, here.>>

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